RLSC Reports and Maps

Image of the front page of the Policy Mapping Report
Report: Environmental Policy Mapping in the Lake Simcoe Watershed (2019)
Report: How Well-Protected Are Greenlands in Simcoe County? (2019)
Map: Levels of Environmental Protection in Simcoe County
Map: Level One Protection Features in Simcoe County
Map: Land Cover Breakdown in Simcoe County
Map: Aggregate Potential in Level One Features
RLSC Innisfil Community Mapping Event Results
RLSC Greenlands Recommendations to Durham
RLSC Comments on Innisfil MZO Request
Report: Advancing Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the Lake Simcoe Watershed

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: What is the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan?
Fact Sheet: What You Can Do to Keep Lake Simcoe Clean!
Fact Sheet: Naturalizing Lake Simcoe Shorelines
Fact Sheet: Increasing Natural Cover and Protections

Fact Sheet: Lake Simcoe Watershed Mapping
Fact Sheet: How Well-Protected Are Greenlands in Simcoe County?
Fact Sheet: Bradford Bypass


Our Lake Simcoe – Rogers TV
Climate Change and Lake Simcoe
How Does Development Harm Lake Simcoe?

RLSC Outreach to Government


Ontario Provincial Documents

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) Documents

Lake Simcoe Sub-Watershed Plans

Sub-watershed plans have now been completed for nearly all of the tributaries flowing into the lake, as well as the islands of the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation. As part of the sub-watershed planning process, implementation plans have been developed which identify a schedule of priority projects to be completed, as well as which agencies will be responsible for their completion.

  1. Barrie Creeks, Lovers Creek and Hewitt’s Creek Subwatershed Plan
  2. Beaver River Subwatershed Plan
  3. Black River Subwatershed
  4. Canal and Mitchell Lakes, Talbot River and Whites Creek Subwatershed Plan
  5. East Holland River Subwatershed Plan
  6. Georgina, Fox and Snake Islands Subwatershed Plan
  7. Innisfil Creeks Subwatershed Plan
  8. Maskinonge River Subwatershed Plan
  9. Oro & Hawkestone Creeks Subwatershed Plan
  10. Musselman’s Lake Subwatershed
  11. Pefferlaw River Subwatershed Plan
  12. Ramara Creeks Subwatershed Plan
  13. Uxbridge Brook Watershed
  14. West Holland River Subwatershed Plan

Other Resources and Research

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