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June 4th in Bradford

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Hands off the Greenbelt & Stop Bill 23

Both of these recent moves by the province of Ontario are unnecessary, will not resolve the housing crisis, and will transfer municipal taxpayer money into making land speculators and developers even richer. None of this is fair, and all of it is environmentally irresponsible. Please take action by attending a rally, sign a petition, and if you’re only going to do one more thing: write or call your MPP simply saying: Repeal Bill 23 and reverse cuts to the Greenbelt. 


We are working to protect Lake Simcoe and keep it healthy and beautiful. Will you join us?

New Report on the threats to Lake Simcoe.



What does the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan do?

  • The Lake Simcoe Protection Plan (LSPP) is a comprehensive plan to protect and restore the ecological health of Lake Simcoe and its watershed, comprised of all the land that drains into Lake Simcoe directly or via rivers and streams, by addressing long-term environmental issues;
  • Prohibits development and site alteration within a key natural heritage feature (wetlands, significant woodlands, significant valleylands, and natural areas abutting Lake Simcoe), a key hydrologic feature (wetlands, permanent and intermittent streams, and lakes other than Lake Simcoe) and within a related vegetation protection zone;
  • Establishes tough phosphorus pollution caps on sewage treatment plants’ effluent;
  • Prohibits new sewage treatment plants to be built unless they are replacing an old one;
  • Requires new development applications to use an enhanced stormwater management plan;
  • Requires development decisions to conform to the designated (having legal effect) policies of the LSPP;
  • Makes clear that Official Plans and zoning bylaws must conform to the designated policies of the LSPP;
  • Where a conflict between policies occurs, such as between the Growth Plan and the LSPP, the provision that provides the greatest protection to the ecological health of the Lake Simcoe watershed prevails.

There are 118 policies in the LSPP; this is a short list.

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Factsheet: What is the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan?
Factsheet: What you can do to keep Lake Simcoe clean
Letter to Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks re Phosphorus reduction and Natural Heritage System protections, with Simcoe County MRC submission (December 2021)
Image of the front page of the Policy Mapping Report

Interested in learning more about environmental policy in the Lake Simcoe Watershed?
Download our report by clicking on it, above.

Our Lake Simcoe – Rogers TV

The Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition recognizes and acknowledges the lands originally used and occupied by the First Peoples of the Williams Treaties First Nations and other Indigenous Peoples, and on behalf of the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition, we would like to thank them for sharing this land. We would also like to acknowledge the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation as our closest First Nation community and recognize the unique relationship the Chippewas have with the lands and waters of this territory. They are the water protectors and environmental stewards of these lands and we join them in these responsibilities.

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