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Protect Our Plan (POP!)

This summer when the Province of Ontario formally reviews the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan, 2009, we want to hold the line and make sure the Plan is strengthened, not weakened. We are spearheading the campaign to educate local groups about the Plan, and to facilitate opportunities for citizens to voice their concerns to the Province when the Review is underway. We are doing delegations to Council across the watershed to share our views and concerns.

What does the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan do?

  • The Lake Simcoe Protection Plan (LSPP) is a comprehensive plan to protect and restore the ecological health of Lake Simcoe and its watershed, comprised of all the land that drains into Lake Simcoe directly or via rivers and streams, by addressing long-term environmental issues;
  • Prohibits development and site alteration within a key natural heritage feature (wetlands, significant woodlands, significant valleylands, and natural areas abutting Lake Simcoe), a key hydrologic feature (wetlands, permanent and intermittent streams, and lakes other than Lake Simcoe) and within a related vegetation protection zone;
  • Establishes tough phosphorus pollution caps on sewage treatment plants’ effluent;
  • Prohibits new sewage treatment plants to be built unless they are replacing an old one;
  • Requires new development applications to use an enhanced stormwater management plan;
  • Requires development decisions to conform to the designated (having legal effect) policies of the LSPP;
  • Makes clear that Official Plans and zoning bylaws must conform to the designated policies of the LSPP;
  • Where a conflict between policies occurs, such as between the Growth Plan and the LSPP, the provision that provides the greatest protection to the ecological health of the Lake Simcoe watershed prevails.

There are 118 policies in the LSPP; this is a short list.

Our top priorities for the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan review:

  1. Develop sector-specific interim targets to achieve the 44 tonnes per year phosphorus loading target of the LSPP. Measure, monitor and adapt through an improved Phosphorus Reduction Strategy;
  2. Protect 40% of the watershed’s greenspace, to achieve the high-quality natural cover target of the LSPP.

Read our priorities for the review of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan here
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