Lake Simcoe Defender’s Program in Keswick

The Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition’s Education Team is bringing “The Lake Defenders Program” to local libraries, community centres and parks. Geared to children ages 8 – 12, the program engages children in hands-on activities that awaken their curiosity and deepen their understanding of their local watershed and Lake Simcoe.  

In Keswick there will be three pre-registered sessions and an optional family day hike on a later date at York Region Forest, Ravenshoe Tract. 

Saturday September 16th, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., Keswick Library: An interactive session that will include a slideshow, a brainstorm about discovering how we use the lake and lake related art activities. Students will be given a book Do Fish Fart at this session, with an explanation of how the book came to be written.

Saturday, September 23rd, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., Claredon Beach Park: We will meet at the park and do some outdoor exploration involving dip netting, identifying kinds of habitats, and creating a watershed model. Parents/caregivers will bring children to the park by 1:00 and pick them up at 3:00. 

Saturday, September 30th, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., Keswick Library: A follow up interactive session involving reflection on what we learned, ways to learn more, and completion of the art project.

Please plan for children to attend all three sessions. If an unavoidable situation is going to prevent your child from attending, please let us know by the Friday before the session.

Saturday, October 14th York Region Forest, Ravenshow Tract: Optional family guided hike day, details to be finalized based on interest.

Registration here

Lake Simcoe Defender’s Program in Barrie

Our educational program has been accepted by the Simcoe County District Schoolboard, and we have three days of educational programming planned at the Barrie Public Library for kids from grade 4 to 6!

The Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition invites 9-12-year-olds with their caregiver to participate in a 3-day outdoor exploration of Lake Simcoe and its watershed. This program will be taking place at the Kiwannis Club Pavillion

Activities will include:

•             investigating plants and animals along the shoreline and in the river

•             dip netting in the creek

•             creating watershed and wetland models

•             art activities

Register through the Barrie Public Library here: