Environmental Policy Mapping

Environmental Policy Mapping in the Lake Simcoe Watershed: Protecting Natural Cover to Save Lake Simcoe

The Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition’s environmental policy mapping project seeks to identify how well-protected natural features in Simcoe County and the Lake Simcoe Watershed are.

To do this, the strengths of the natural heritage policies applied to the features across the landscape were analyzed. Policies are categorized based on how strongly they inhibit land-use changes. These categories were attached to the natural heritage features to which they apply, and the results mapped.

Click here to read the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition’s submission regarding Durham Region’s Environment and Greenlands Discussion Paper, 2019.

Environmental Policy Mapping in Simcoe County: How well protected is Simcoe County’s landscape?

Click here to see all the maps and more analysis.

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