Elementor #209


Save Lake Simcoe and protect its future.


To be an inspiring umbrella group that provides leadership and motivates people to take action to protect Lake Simcoe.


1. To reduce the annual phosphorus loading to the lake to 44 tonnes by the year 2045.
2. To increase environmental awareness and concern in the Lake Simcoe watershed.
3. To increase public participation in activities which promote the health of the watershed.
4. To encourage land use planning decisions and building techniques that will protect forests, wetlands, working farms, and Lake Simcoe.

Our Story

The RLSC was formed through the coming together of founding groups in 2003. The founding Directors saw that if Lake Simcoe’s health were to improve, empowered and informed people would need to be part of the answer.

Education and empowerment of local groups was, and still is, the way we make a difference. We focus on promoting dialogue between citizens and their governments around the lake. By sharing information and opportunities for collaboration and action, we learn what is relevant, and work together towards important goals.

Partnerships with Ontario Nature, Environmental Defence and the Ladies of the Lake (now folded) helped generate the groundswell for the Lake Simcoe Protection Act, 2008, the strongest watershed-based legislation in Canada. Since 2008 we have worked on education and implementation of the Lake Simcoe Protection Act and Plan.

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