Lake Simcoe Greenlands Project

Project Goals:

  1. To gather the resources (people and funds) and prepare a plan that will enable RLSC and its partners to protect 40% of the Lake Simcoe watershed as natural cover, or “greenlands”;
  2. To protect natural cover in 40% of the Oro-Medonte portion of the Lake Simcoe watershed;
  3. To build and share a resource kit with local community groups involved in Official Plan reviews, or other opportunities, to protect natural cover;
  4. To map what we find to report progress towards the 40% goal, and as a communication tool.


The provincially appointed Lake Simcoe Science Committee said that 40% of the Lake Simcoe watershed’s natural cover should be protected, for the health of the lake and its ecosystem. But the Lake Simcoe Protection Act and Plan do not identify a policy to achieve that target. To reach 40% we need to identify the extent of current protection, and move towards the 40% target using better policies and planning, and public and private land protection tools.

More info: What have we done?

Quick Links:

RLSC Lake Simcoe Area Greenlands map
Download PDF (24MB)
RLSC Greenlands Preservation in the Lake Simcoe Watershed: A Citizens’ Guide To Public Policy For The Protection and Enhancement of Lake Simcoe’s Natural Heritage
Download PRINT PDF (1.5MB)
Download WEB PDF (2.8MB)
RLSC Lake Simcoe Greenlands: Lake Simcoe Watershed Within Oro-Medonte map
Download PDF (1.3MB)
RLSC and AWARE Oro-Medonte Recommendations for the Oro-Medonte Official Plan
Download Summary PDF (0.17MB)
Download Long PDF (1.2MB)
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